Departmental Library: - A departmental library has been established and about 50 books on different topics of basic microbiology subjects are available for the students. Purchases of relevant books are in progress. Facility of Central Library is also been extended to the students, to increase their desired knowledge. Further, the library of CASVAB has all the relevant text / reference books and laboratory manuals concerning to the subject which are also made available for the students enrolled at the Department of microbiology.


Internet Facility: - Internet facility is available at the department


Journals and Articles: - A large number of international research journals and articles are also available on Digital Library provided by Higher Education Commission and facility has been extended to the students of downloading research articles etc


Multimedia and Overhead projector facility: - For teaching subjects on modern lines, facility of Multimedia and Overhead projector is available at the department

Visits: - The department is arranging monthly visits for students of Microbiology to acquaint with working of different organizations, Institutes, departments etc. Visits were arranged to PCSIR Quetta  and CASVAB during the spring semester 2007.

Lectures from Guest Speaker /s

The department of Microbiology has arranged, each month, a lecture from distinguished scientist/s working in the province for increasing their knowledge and to acquaint with modern research. During the Spring semester, 2007 Dr. Shakeel Babar (PhD) Project Director CASVAB, Dr. Muhammad Aslam (PhD), FAO National Expert (Rangeland and Livestock Management) Dr. Ferhat Abbas ((PhD) Associate Professor CASVAB and Dr. Anwar Sheikh (PhD) Associate Professor CASVAB have delivered lectures to the students of the department on Transcription and translation in Prokaryote, Malnutrition & Food Safety- bacterial, viral and toxin concern, Microbiology and its usage and viral diseases & vaccine production respectively